About Speckman Automotive

Founded in 1960, Speckman Automotive is a family-run auto parts distributor. Serving western Ohio for more than 50 years, the businesswas built by serving customers with prompt delivery of quality products, a knowledgeable staff, and competitive prices. Today, Speckman executives upholdthat tradition and blend old-fashioned customer service with modern technology to deliver impressive results.



Speckman Automotive’s story begins like many stories do – with a father and a son.


Felix Speckman was a part owner of Dixie Auto Parts in Sidney, Ohio, where he happily served the community for years. Felix passed away while his son, Don, was in the service during World War II. After learning of his father’s death, Don returned to Ohio to continue in his father’s path, and became the manager of the St. Marys branch of the Dixie Auto Parts business.


1960 finds Don and his wife, Jeanette, purchasing the St. Marys branch of Dixie Auto parts, and Speckman Automotive was born on Front Street in St. Marys. Over the course of the next 50+ years, Speckman Automotive moved from Front Street to the current location at 415 S. Wayne Street (in 1985), they opened a second location in Wapakoneta, and the company has kept family and service as a core value to their business.