Quality Parts, Tools, Equipment, Coatings

  •   (We choose our partners and product lines-no one does this for us!

Family Owned

  •  Family owned and operated-it’s in our blood

Great Partners 

  • such as Axalta, Auto Value, Norton, Hastings Filters

Knowledgable Sale People

  •  Knowledgeable sales people by car guys with a ton of experience (Unlike a chain stores)

Personal Service

  •  Fast, friendly, personal service (Old-fashioned Service blended with Modern Technology products

Outside Sales Force

  •  Keeps repair shops stocked with the right products.  Advise on correct systems and products and solve problems

Large Inventory

  •  over 60,000 different part #’s stocked-a million more available

Fast Delivery Service

  •  Fast and free delivery service in town and surrounding