Over the years, family and friends have become the fabric of Speckman Automotive. Take Russ Moon for example, as he has logged over 30 years of service coming on board with the store in 1980.


From the family side of things, Don Speckman had two sons, Craig and Chris, who worked in the family business while they were in high school (mostly to earn money for parts they tore up on their own cars growing up). Craig and Chris have always been “car guys” and have enjoyed putting paint and parts on muscle cars and historical cars.


Chris joined the business immediately after high school, and Craig earned a degree from The Ohio State University prior to returning to Speckman Automotive. Craig handles the human resources, pricing and inventory maintenance, advertising and behind the scenes work, but can also be found on the counter selling parts. Chris specializes in managing the coatings side of the business, outside sales, and helping customers with products and systems.


Marking the fourth generation of Speckmans in the automotive industry, Jeff Speckman, Chris’ son, joined the family business in 1993 after graduating from Northwood University in 1993 with an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Aftermarket Management. Being a gearhead is in Jeff’s blood. Over the years he has worked on farms and in the machine shop rebuilding cylinder heads and engines. As he says, “I really enjoyed the people side of the business and tinkering with cars and racing go-karts and working with Grandpa Don, Dad and Uncle Craig and decided to stay in the business.” Jeff can be found on the phone, in the office with inventory management, trying to get computers or printers to work in one of the stores, working on the counter, or mixing paint in the paint room.